HiPipo Music Awards


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About HMA

HiPipo Music Awards

The prestigious HiPipo Music Awards is an annual extravaganza organised by HiPipo (U) LTD, to celebrate, promote and recognize music excellence in across Africa. The prestigious HiPipo Music Awards are the spirit that binds our music, art and culture.  The project and event is an initiative of HiPipo following HiPipo founding in 2005/6 as a digital, music/content and events company in Uganda. Stakeholders: includes and is not limited to Artists, Performing Musicians, Audio/Video Producers, Sound Engineers, Artist Managers, Events Promoters and Managers, Entertainment Media, Public Music Consumers and Fans


To be considered eligible, an artist must have had active performance and/or released audio or video music content within 12 months prior to October/November of any year.  The 12 months eligible period is for works (Audio or videos) commercially released between October (Previous Year) to November (Current Year).


The nominees come from different stakeholders including musicians, video/audio producers, songwriters, media personalities (digital, radio, TV, and print), and the public/fans. Nominations are collected with paper forms and majority with online submissions using a publicly available online form that any stakeholder can complete online.

Voting and Winning

Through voting, the winners of the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards are decided. Once nominations are complete, the public votes via the official HMA Online platform, text (SMS) and WhatsApp, and social media where applicable. Voting normally happens between December and March of every year.

HiPipo Music Awards Nominations Guidelines

More about *HiPipo Music Awards*

Every edition of HiPipo Music Awards has been improved from the previous one. Having started at theater La Bonita in 2012 the prestigious event is now hosted at Kampala Serena. Below are dates and venues.

1 #HiPipoMusicAwards – May 26th, 2012, ONLINE Event held at Spectrum,  Theater La Bonita

2 #HiPipoMusicAwards – February 9, 2013 event held at Theater La Bonita

3 #HiPipoMusicAwards -February 8, 2014 event held at WonderWorld Auditorium

4  #HiPipoMusicAwards– February 7, 2015 event held at WonderWorld Auditorium

5 #HiPipoMusicAwards -January 30, 2016 event held at Serena Kampala Hotel

6  #HiPipoMusicAwards- February 4, 2017 event held at Serena Kampala Hotel

7  #HiPipoMusicAwards- March 17 , 2018 event held at Serena Kampala Hotel

8 #HiPipoMusicAwards- March 16 , 2019 event held at Serena Kampala Hotel

9 #HiPipoMusicAwards- October , 2020 virtual event

10 #HiPipo Music Awards December 10, 2021 event held at Mestil Hotel

11 #HiPipo Music Awards November 18, 2022 event held at Kampala Serena Hotel

12 #HiPipo Music Awards November 17, 2023 event held at Kampala Serena Hotel

About HiPipo (U) Limited.

In February 2005, website development for the current day HiPipo was started. The domain www.HiPipo.com was registered on 29-March-2007. The website www.HiPipo.com was commercially launched on 30-April-2007 as a social entertainment platform with focus on Digital, Music and Events.  It is thus correct and accurate to say that HiPipo.com has served Uganda, East Africa and Africa for a decade now i.e. 10 years.

In 2009, HiPipo (U) Limited was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company. Between 2010 and 2013 HiPipo Music Charts were booming and were a reference for the music standings. With the success of the Music Charts, HiPipo executed the first online event, “HiPipo Charts Festival” aka the first *HiPipo Music Awards* on 26-May-2012 celebrating the artist who had the best performance on the yearlong music charts.   Following this, still in 2012 HiPipo executed monthly events code named “HiPipo Celebrity Night” where the best artist for the month was recognized during an event held at different night clubs around town. Having successfully implemented HiPipo Charts Festival and HiPipo Celebrity Night, HiPipo took the next step to the bigger project, the now prestigious *HiPipo Music Awards*

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