HiPipo Music Awards
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    Highlight of HMA2016

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    Ziza Bafana Interview about HiPipo Music Awards 2016

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    NTV Login – HiPipo Music Awards 2016

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    Fan Sings Guluma Nasomye by Ziza Bafana

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    Gagamel Fan Voting for Go Mama as Album Of The Year

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    Godfrey Newmaker Takes Fan Through HMA2016 Voting Process

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    Gwe Aliko by Irene Ntale is her Favorite Song

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    Fan Likes Sitya Loss He is Voting For Eddy Kenzo

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    Have you voted for Moses Radio and Weasel Manizo, Rema is His Best Female Artist

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    He is a Calm Mun G Fan

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    He is in Love with Mbilo Mbilo by Eddy Kenzo

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    He Supports Eddy Kenzo Will Be Voting Rema for Artists of The Year

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    He Supports Ziza Bafana and Dr Jose Chameleone How About you

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 She Likes Eddy Kenzo Voting for Mbilo Mbilo

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 We Talked to A Dr Jose Chameleone Supporter

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 We Talked to Bobi Wine Supporter Kiggwa Leero

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