HiPipo Music Awards
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    We Met A Tip Swizy Fan He Was Busy Preparing Kikoko For Customers

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    We talked to a Radio and Weasel Fan

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    We Talked to Bebe Cool Supporter Killing It

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 We Talked to Bobi Wine Supporter VOTING

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 David Lutalo Supporter

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    HiPipo Music Awards 2016 Eddy Kenzo Supporter

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    Radio and Weasel Produce Her Most Favorite Music #HMA2016

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    Team Cindy HiPipo Music Awards

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    A Fan of Juliana Kanyomozi, David Lutalo and King Saha #HMA2016

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    We Talked to a Bebe Cool Diehard Supporter from Lugala – HMA2016

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    I am Voting for Eddy Kenzo Supporter HMA2016

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    Godfrey Newsmaker Spoke to A Eddy Kenzo HMA2016

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    DJ Shiru Runs The System – Godfrey Newsmaker Spoke to The Spin Doctor

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    David Lutalo Supporter talks to Godfrey Newsmaker HMA2016

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    Police Afande Says he is Voting for Apass in the 4th HiPipo Music Awards

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    Police Afande Sings Tulikubigere by APass: I Can Sing Challenge

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