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#HiPipoMusicAwards #HallofFame Records Brief

#HiPipoMusicAwards #HallofFame #DrumsOfAfrica¬† by [Jimmy Katumba] Jimmy Katumba started his music career as an eight-year-old singer in Mukono church of Uganda. In 1977, he formed the Light Bearers, which he renamed Jimmy Katumba and the Ebonies. Popularly known for his baritone voice, Katumba became celebrated for songs like Twalina Omukwano,[…]


The 6th Prestigious #HiPipoMusicAwards: 17/March/2018 is the Grand Finale Date.

Kampala – December 5, 2017: In order to effectively reach out to more stakeholders around Africa, whose categories will form a significant part of the 6th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards plus to also give ample time for the activation of the project brand new #HallofFame theme, HiPipo announces an adjustment[…]

#HiPipoMusicAwards #HallOfFame Shortlist

#HiPipoMusicAwards #HallOfFame Shortlist

Kampala – December 5, 2017: Over the past decades, a lot of Ugandan music has been produced in different forms, genres and styles. This has been made by thousands of artists and other contributors, with each inspired or influenced by the previous music recordings. Music’s highest honor, #HiPipoMusicAwards, will celebrate[…]

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